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Do not have a PR Card – How do you return to Canada?

Now you have finally taken the first step to make Canada your home by becoming a Permanent Resident.

Your first PR Card will arrive in the mail automatically, anywhere between 4 to 16 weeks. Current processing times stand at 111 days ( as of July 25, 2021).

A PR Card is a must if you are a Permanent Resident of Canada to return to Canada by flight (usually you would come by a flight these days).

If you have to urgently travel and need to come back and do not have your PR Card. You will need to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD). This is a one-time travel document issued by the Canadian Visa Office abroad usually in the country you are travelling to and should be applied at the Visa Application Center (VAC) nearest to you. You can also apply online.

You cannot use any other visa or document like a previously held Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or only a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) to enter Canada. You can only cross from the United States (U. S.) border via a private vehicle into Canada using your (COPR). But due to CVID-19 restrictions, that may not be possible right now. There is no other way to enter Canada for Permanent Residents, other than a PR Card or a PRTD with the exception of the United States (U. S.)

You can find out how to apply for a PRTD here. Usually, you should apply at your VAC, if that is not possible you can do so by email.

If your VAC is closed, submit your PRTD application by email.

To submit by email:

  1. Download and follow the instruction guide to complete the application correctly.
  2. Make electronic copies (scans) of the required documents listed in the Document Checklist (PDF, 1.5 MB).
  3. Complete and scan the Application for a Permanent Resident Travel Document [IMM 5524] (PDF, 1.84 MB) form.
  4. Pay your fees online and get a copy of your receipt.
  5. If you have it, get a copy of your confirmed flight ticket, or the itinerary for your travel to Canada. Your copies should clearly show
    • your flight number
    • date of travel
    • arrival airport in Canada
  6. Send an email to that includes
    • the subject line: “PRTD application: [put your name here]
    • your scanned application
    • copies of your supporting documents (including travel information)
    • a copy of your payment receipt

If you need help with your PRTD application or simply need a hand with your application, contact us today.  Turningstone Immigration Consulting is a full-service Immigration consultancy. Our services are provided by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

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