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Frequently Asked Questions !

Last Updated: 09 November 2021

Why Choose a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) ?2021-03-23T21:06:38-04:00

We are licensed by the Government of Canada to work as Immigration Consultants. You can be assured that our advice is legible and complies with the regulations and laws of the Canadian Immigration Authorities.

Can You Help Us Gain Employment In Canada ?2021-03-23T21:08:51-04:00

No, we are an Immigration Services firm, we provide immigration advice on Canadian Immigration matters.  You may contact a registered recruiting agency, for employment related queries.

Does having family members who live in Canada, help get PR faster ?2021-03-23T21:07:43-04:00

If you have certain family members, who are Canadian Citizens, or Permanent Residents, you may qualify for extra points for various immigration programs. To discuss your individual situation, contact us.

Can I Bring My Siblings With Me While Migrating To Canada ?2021-03-23T21:08:37-04:00

No, you cannot bring your siblings with you to Canada.  You are eligible to bring only certain family members, like your spouse and your children.  Contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Difference Between Work Permit & Permanent Residence (PR) ?2021-03-23T21:07:31-04:00

Work Permit, gives you temporary authorization to work in Canada, subject to terms and conditions of the actual Work Permit. Permanent Residence allows to you live and work in Canada permanently, subsequently apply for Canadian Citizenship, subject to residency obligations.

I have a low IELTS / TEF (Language Proficiency) Score, am I still eligible for PR ?2021-03-23T21:06:26-04:00

There are more than 80+ programs under which you can immigrate to Canada. You may still qualify with a low IELTS (language proficiency) score.  Please contact us to discuss your options.

Can I Apply for PR After Completing My Studies In Canada ?2021-03-23T21:06:53-04:00

You will have to have at least 1 year of professional Canadian work experience after completing your education, to be eligible to apply for PR.

Is Migrating to Canada Costly ?2021-03-23T21:08:03-04:00

The government of Canada requires each candidate to have a minimum amount of funds available to cover their expenses when they come to Canada. This is not a fee charged by the government of Canada.  This money is to cover your initial expenses, while you look for employment opportunities, when you land in Canada as PR.

I created my express entry profile, but I discovered an error, what do I do now ?2021-03-23T21:08:14-04:00

Each situation is different, contact us without further delay, to review the profile and address the error in the correct way.

Is it guaranteed that If I have an Express Entry Profile, I can come to Canada as PR ?2021-03-23T21:08:23-04:00

Having an Express Entry profile is no guarantee, that you will be invited. However having an Express Entry profile is a first step in the program to be invited.  Invitations are issued to various individuals from the pool. If you stay in the pool and your profile is active, you may be invited.  Only candidates having an active profile are invited to apply for PR under the Express Entry program.

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