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Got an Invitation to Apply (ITA), yet your PR application was rejected?

An Invitation To Apply (ITA) is sent by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), to a candidate who has an active profile in the Express Entry pool. If any person wants to migrate to Canada, the first step usually is to create an Express Entry profile. After that one has to wait for an ITA, on receiving an ITA, submit the final complete permanent residence application to IRCC. Once approved the applicant can come to Canada as a permanent residence.

Candidates consider themselves to be lucky enough, once they receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) as the scores are high under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). An ITA is a major step forward to obtain permanent residence, once the information in the profile is verified followed by the medical and admissibility checks, applicants are on their way to permanent residence in Canada.

However, not all applicants who receive Invitations to Apply (ITA) make it to obtaining permanent residence. We will look at the most common mistakes candidates make while submitting their applications to IRCC.

  • Incorrect Education Credential Assessment Report – You are required to get your education credentials assessed, by the relevant authority before you can actually create your express entry profile. But many times candidates end up requesting the wrong report, which is not acceptable to IRCC for immigration purposes. An example is a detailed subject-by-subject report was requested, but IRCC does not accept that type of report. You have to make sure you request the correct credential report which is accepted by IRCC. If you upload the wrong report type IRCC will reject your application even if you have the ITA.
  • Incorrect English Language Result – We know language proficiency is yet another aspect of Canadian immigration. usually, an IELTS general test or CELPIP or other accepted tests are to be taken before creating your express entry profile. Then the report number has to be entered at the time of creating the express entry profile. Only after you receive the ITA the actual report is to be uploaded to the system once submitting the permanent residence application. An example would be a candidate who has taken the IELTS Academic test instead of general and uploaded their report, to find out that IELTS Academic is not an acceptable test for PR applications to Canada. Always ensure you take the correct language proficiency test.
  • Wrong Police Clearance Type – We know that you need to provide police clearance certificates for PR applications, for admissibility checks, where available. But your PR application can also be refused on grounds of the incorrect type of police checks. You are always required to use fingerprint-based checks and or checks specifically for immigration purposes. Each country has their own procedure, but it is important to find out which type of police check is needed to avoid refusal.
  • Medical examination not by a panel physician – You are also required to do a medical checkup for your PR application. Ensure you take the medical examination from an approved panel physician and just not any doctor. You can have a fully comprehensive check at the best healthcare facility. But if the doctor who has done the check-up is not an approved panel physician by IRCC, then your medical examination will not be considered by IRCC. It is important to make sure that an approved panel physician takes the examination.
  • Failure to submit the application on time – Usually, you have 60 days to complete all documentation requirements from the date you receive the invitation to apply to submit your complete permanent residence application. Please ensure you request and possess the right type of documents, which also match with the information you entered while creating the express entry profile.

If you entered incorrect information and cannot prove it with proper evidence, you risk being banned for 5 years, for misrepresentation of information and cannot apply for any immigration services for a period of 5 years with IRCC.

It is very important to at least get a file review done by a professional consultant or a lawyer, before submitting your application. Yes, it will not be cheap, there would be a cost involved, but it will be worth it.

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