Published On: July 14th, 2021 / Last Updated: August 1st, 2021 / 2.4 min read /

Have you been Refused a Study Permit for Canada ? Now What ? Find Out What To Do !

You secured your admission to a College or University in Canada, you have paid all your fees, got your letter of acceptance.  Applied for the Study Permit to Study in Canada, got the “Approval In Principle” letter from IRCC to start studying online. But you were eventually refused a study permit to study in Canada.

Do not worry we take a quick look at what can be done if you are refused a study permit to study in Canada.

  • Do you have a copy of the application and supporting documents you used to apply for your study permit – Make sure you have a copy of your application and all supporting documents you submitted while applying for your study permit, Whether you applied on your own or through a professional, like RCIC or lawyer ensure you have all documents.
  • Take professional advice – The first step would be to take professional advice from a (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) RCIC or an Immigration Lawyer to understand the inside story.  They are familiar with rejection and various reasons. IRCC will issue a letter of rejection outlining the reasons. Take advice from the professional, they would suggest if it is possible to overcome the concern outlined in the letter. Yes, there is a cost to pay for the consultation but it will be worth it. Find out why you should hire an RCIC.
  • Collect supporting documents to overcome the concern – Now that you know what is the real story, the professional will also suggest what you can do to overcome the concern. Usually supporting documents, with a well-crafted letter and other documents, would help overcome the concern.  However certain concerns like criminal inadmissibility and others cannot just be overcome by documents. They need to be looked at in much more detail.
  • Ask the professional to represent you on a new application – Now that you have figured what needs to be done, it is best to ask an RCIC to help represent you in front of IRCC to overcome the concern. Professionals are well versed to deal with rejections and it will increase your chances of success in addressing the concerns the visa officer may have raised processing your initial application.

If you follow these simple tips, this helps you save time and increase your likelihood of securing a Study Permit to study in Canada.

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