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I am already a Permanent Resident of Canada, Do I still need to comply with Permanent Residency Obligations during COVID –  19 ? What if I am stuck out of Canada ?

We all know COVID-19 has disrupted mobility in ways one could not imagine. We will take a quick look at some situations, which will help you understand the impact on your existing Permanent Resident Status.

Existing Permanent Residents of Canada who cannot travel to Canada – But will not complete 730 days of Residency obligations during the past 5 years to meet the number of days to maintain Permanent Resident Status

If you are an existing Permanent Residents of Canada who cannot travel to Canada and are stuck outside of Canada, you still need to comply with the residency obligations of permanent residents. You still have to be in Canada for 730 days during the past 5 years period to maintain status. Permanent Residents of Canada were always allowed to come to Canada, there was never a ban on travel of Canadian Citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents (PR) to travel to Canada, nor did they ever need authorization from IRCC or CBSA to travel. So existing PR holders will still have to meet their residency obligations of staying in Canada for 730 days in the past 5 years.

I am outside Canada but with an expired PR Card

You cannot travel into Canada if you do not have a valid PR card or if your PR card is expired. The issue is you cannot renew your PR card while you are outside of Canada. The only option will be to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) at the closest embassy to you.  PRTD is a one-time pass that allows a PR holder to come to Canada once. Once you are in Canada you can apply to renew your PR Card

Please also note that to apply for a PRTD successfully you still need to demonstrate that you have stayed in Canada for 730 days during the past 5 years to successfully be issued a PRTD. PRTD issuance times vary by country and Canadian Visa offices, it could take months for a PRTD application to be processed.

I am outside Canada and I do have a valid PR Card but I have not met my residency obligations to stay for 730 days in Canada during the past 5 years.

If you have a valid PR Card but have not met your residency obligations, at the airport you may be interviewed by the officer and the officer will then verify that you are short of 730 days residency obligations. You may then be issued a letter that will state that your PR status will be revoked and that you have not fulfilled the residency obligations. You will have a right of appeal the timeline will be stated in the letter.

You will then have to appeal the decision of the officer to keep your status. Which is a completely different process altogether and complex to deal with.

There are various grounds on which you can keep your PR status. Each case is different, it is a good idea to Book a Consultation to discuss your options.  This aspect of Canadian Immigration can be sophisticated if not complex, to deal with. It is best to take professional advice before even travelling or applying for a PRTD to understand your options clearly.

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