Published On: September 2nd, 2022 / Last Updated: September 2nd, 2022 / 1.9 min read /

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announces new initiatives for modernization of Canadian immigration system

On September 01, 2022, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, announced initiatives like new online services across Canada’s Immigration system, intended to improve client experience and reduce the backlogs.

Permanent and Temporary  applicants who are in-Canada will be exempt from medical exams

Minister announced that he is exempting permanent and temporary residence applicants who are already in Canada from the immigration medical examination requirement, helping over 180,000 clients save time and money while reducing wait times.

Improvement of inline processing times tool

IRCC is improving its online processing times tool to provide more accurate information. Starting in the fall, IRCC will publish forward-looking estimates of how long it will take to process an application

Canadian Immigration applications going 100% digital from September 23, 2022

Minister announced that IRCC will begin transitioning to 100% digital applications for most permanent residence programs on September 23, 2022. Alternative formats will be available for people who require accommodations.

Application status trackers to be available for additional types of immigration applications

By spring 2023, seven more permanent residence and temporary residence programs will have application status trackers like the one launched in February 2022, for spousal, partner and dependent child sponsorship applicants.

Many other improvements were announced like making it easier to apply for citizenship.

“Immigration is about people. It’s about starting a new job, reuniting a family and creating a new life in this beautiful country we call home. As we look to strengthen our immigration system by updating our technology, people—our clients—must be at the centre of all that we do. By adding resources where they are needed, and leveraging technology to make processing faster and applying easier for our clients, we can give newcomers and new citizens the welcoming experience they deserve.”

– The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

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