Published On: July 11th, 2023 / Last Updated: October 31st, 2023 / 1.9 min read /

Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Application and Unauthorized work in Canada

Did you know many international students in Canada risk their PGWP eligibility by overlooking a few facts, which could render them ineligible to get a post-graduation work permit (PGWP)?

Now that you have completed your studies, and are ready to apply for that PGWP. But you just realized you worked when you should not have worked. We will take a quick look at when this happens, a thorough understanding of this is very important.

What is Unauthorized work?

In Canada, unauthorized work refers to engaging in employment without the appropriate legal work authorization. In simple terms, you worked when you were not allowed to work.  The Canadian government has specific regulations and requirements in place for individuals who wish to work in the country.

Where students are involved in unauthorized work can include:

  1. Working more hours than allowed by your study permit conditions.
  2. Working after you have completed your studies, but before applying for your PGWP.
  3. Applying PGWP with an expired study permit, thinking you are eligible to work on maintained status.

Below are very common examples, there could be various scenarios.

What is the remedy?

So what if you have engaged in unauthorized work during your studies, or maybe not sure if you have, what is the remedy?

Engaging in unauthorized work in Canada is a violation of immigration laws and can have serious consequences, including deportation, future inadmissibility to Canada, and difficulties in obtaining visas or work permits in the future. It is important to consult with Canadian immigration authorities or an immigration lawyer to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.

Depending on the situation there may or may not be remedy available, but it is important to consult an immigration professional.  Time is of the essence, you should consult a professional without delay to fix your status or clarify your doubts, it will help in securing your future in Canada.

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