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Please fill in this free assessment form as accurately as possible since the study permit assessment and options we will provide are based on the information you fill in.

Which province do you prefer for education in Canada?

Did you take an English language exam (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc)? If yes, which one and mention date test was taken, which test was taken, and scores in each module, reading, writing, speaking, listening.

Secondary Education Details (Class 10 or 12) (A or O Levels). Please write the date completed and the grades you have achieved.

Post Secondary Education Details (University Degree, Bachelors, Masters, Diploma). Please mention the start date, end date, and scores, college name, give as many details as possible.

What is the area of studies that you would like to enroll in Canada? Is your study related to your previous studies or do you want to change the stream of study in Canada? Please provide details on what degree or course you would like to pursue in Canada?

Have you ever been refused any study permit to Canada? If yes, provide details?

Have you travelled to other countries, other than your country of citizenship or residence?

What matters to you most, for your choice of an educational institution to study in Canada. Answer the following questions, on a scale from (1 to 5) 5 is most important 1 is least important.

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Any other information you may want to mention to help understand your request.  Please mention in as many details as possible.

Please upload your transcripts for secondary, senior secondary, university education, if available.

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