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Top Reasons for Refusal of a Canada Study Visa

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education. Canada offers one of the best education standards in the world. In 2019, 3 Canadian cities, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver were ranked within the top 15  destinations for students for higher studies. Canada also offers one of the fastest and easiest pathways for students to permanent residence and eventually Canadian citizenship.  Our team will find the best match for your academics with the best college or university, increasing your chances of success.

But did you know that 6 out of 10 applications for Study Permits or Study Visas are refused? This means 60% of the students who apply to come to Canada to study are not able to obtain the necessary to Study in Canada.

Today we will take a look at the top reasons for refusals for Canada Study Visa.

Weak and unexplained statement of purpose

The most important document that you submit with your application is a Statement of Purpose (SOP). This is the heart of your study visa application and should be given the importance it deserves. Your SOP lays the foundation for, whether your application will be approved or refused. Your SOP should be a very well articulated document, explaining all the fine details.

A long gap of time between the course you want to pursue in Canada and your last completed course.

If you are a mature student, who has taken a break from studying and has been working for a few years. Now you want to start studying again, you will have to explain the reasons behind this and articulate them well in your SOP.

Choosing the wrong study program without valid reasoning

Often times it may happen that you already have a career in accounting and you suddenly want to switch to information technology (IT). yes, you are surely free to do that, but ensure this is well explained and importantly it is true and accurate. Canadian immigration won’t believe that you got a dream and you just switched careers overnight. There should be a reasonable justification and reasoning behind it.

Previous refusals to Study Permits or Canada Visit Visas 

Have you had any previous refusals for study permits to Canada? If yes, ensure that you disclose all refusals to Canada and any other country also, failure to disclose that may result in a finding of misrepresentation, which means you may be banned to apply for any type of visa for 5 years.

Also if you have multiple refusals it makes it very difficult to prove to Canadian immigration that you are a bona fide student and your intent is to come and study. It is completely legal to come as a student and then apply for permanent residence however the intent plays a very crucial factor here. This again needs to be well explained in your own unique context.

You want to come to study and bring along your wife and kids

Canadian study visa allows you an option to come along with your spouse and kids, so your spouse can get an open work permit while you study, and the kids can study at school, while you complete your education.

But at the same time, it makes it difficult to show that you have strong family ties in your home country. This is one of the conditions, for a successful study visa application.

If you are a single parent applying for a Canadian study permit and trying to bring your children to Canada, you may have a hard time demonstrating how you will be able to study full time and take care of your children and afford everything. Have a solid plan and be able to describe your plan as part of your study permit application.

Your marks were poor or low in your previous studies

If you performed poorly in your academics, for studies you completed before trying to apply for a visa to Canada. You may have a hard time securing a study visa in Canada. We all know the Canadian education system has a high standard and you are expected to meet or exceed those standards, having poor grades in your past studies, will negatively influence your visa application for a Canada study visa.

Lack of strong financials or insufficient proof of funds

If you cannot show enough proof that you can afford the studies in Canada, you will be refused. Higher education in Canada for international students is very expensive and that is no secret. Strong financials are a must for a successful application. You also have to prove that you can complete your studies without depending on working 20 hours a week, allowing for international students.

Fraudulent documents and misrepresentation

One of the basic fundamentals of any application is to be truthful.

It is a serious offence to submit fraudulent documents, to Canadian Immigration authorities. So if you are working with unauthorized professionals, who encourage you to submit fraudulent documents, whether it be letters of Acceptance from Canadian colleges or universities, IELTS results, or any other documents.

You as the applicant are likely to be found inadmissible to Canada for misrepresentation and cannot come to Canada on any visa for at least 5 years, yes, there is a 5 years ban.

There can be many reasons for refusals of Canada Study permits or Canada Study Visas, but you do not need to be upset. As long as you are permitted by law and not found inadmissible due to Misrepresentation you can always re-apply. It may look easy to apply and get a study permit, but it has many pieces to the puzzle. It is a good idea to make an informed decision and consult a professional before you actually embark on your journey to study in Canada. A few hundred dollars will go a long way in helping you secure your future.

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