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Why Hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) ?

Have you ever wondered who is an RCIC, often when you research for consultants offering Canadian Immigration Services, you would come across the phrase “RCIC”.

“RCIC” is actually a “Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant”. The designation of RCIC is provided to a person by a Canadian Government Authority called “The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council” or commonly known as “ICCRC”.

ICCRC is the national regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by overseeing regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors.

ICCRC’s current federal mandate stems from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act which require anyone providing Canadian immigration or citizenship advice or representation for a fee or other consideration to be a member in good standing of ICCRC, Canadian law society or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

Individuals providing Canadian immigration/citizenship services abroad are subject to Canadian law even if they reside outside of Canada.

Why hire an RCIC

Authorized Legally to Represent

Have you heard of the phrase “ghost consultants”, yes, these are not those ghosts who exist in stories?  In fact, you would want to avoid dealing with just about anyone to help you in your immigration to Canada. At the same time, you want to avoid being tricked into situations and being taken advantage of. An example would be you know you don’t qualify for a particular program, but a consultant insists, you can, and it’s too good to be true. You can read here to find out how you can protect yourself from immigration fraud.

That’s where an RCIC comes in. RCIC is a professional who has the license to legally give you advice in Canadian Immigration matters. By working with on, you are assured, that the RCIC adheres to a high standard of ethics and professionalism, set by the Government of Canada and helps you navigate the Canadian Immigration process seamlessly

Knowledge On Immigration Matters

Canadian Immigration system is sophisticated, if not complex. Certain processes are lengthy, certain situations can be tricky too. You can expect an RCIC to be up to date on Canadian Immigration policy changes and existing program changes and much more. This knowledge will save you a lot of time and money, and effort to comply with the Immigration related services.

Liaison with the Canadian Immigration Authorities and your employer

One more reason to work with an RCIC is that they can deal with the Canadian Immigration Authorities with ease as they are legally authorized to do so. This could be a major advantage on your part. If you’ve ever tried dealing with government departments, then you know how time-consuming and exhausting it can be. RCIC can work in your interest for an outcome.

Paperwork and requirements

Immigration to Canada requires a certain detailing, a lot of paperwork is involved for submission and to comply with various rules. It could be hours and hours of paperwork, filing, form submissions, and documents. All these must be compiled and filed correctly and in a timely manner. Your RCIC will take care of all these, which will make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.

Immigration Strategy

You have to understand an RCIC works in your interest. They will look at your immigration goals and devise a strategy to achieve the goal by using a personalized strategy. Having said that they understand your aspirations and help you find an effective way to get approved in the quickest possible manner. They will guide you throughout the journey, meeting both your expectations and your timeline requirements.

Working with an appointed RCIC to assist you with Canadian Immigration matters can simplify your experience throughout the entire process and make it hassle-free. Above were some of the advantages, of working with an RCIC.

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