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You are on Study Permit In Canada ! What NOT TO DO on Study Permit In Canada ?

Now that you have got that Study Permit to pursue further education in Canada. We take a look at some important things, you should NOT DO in CANADA when on a Study Permit.

Check your “Conditions” section on your Study Permit

The first thing you must do is check the conditions on your Study Permit. When you are issued a Study Permit In Canada. There are certain conditions, which are imposed.

An example would be “MUST LEAVE CANADA by 2022-01-01” this means you have to leave Canada on or before 01 Jan 2022, that’s the expiry of your study permit, usually.

Check the “Remarks/Observations” section on your Study Permit

Ensure you check the remarks section on your study permit, usually, it will have information on whether you are allowed to work or no during your studies and if yes, it will reference the law and or regulation number by which you should abide, and if there are any additional restrictions.

Check Before accepting Part-Time Employment

Now you are in Canada, we all know education can be an expensive affair when it comes to international students. We will look at a few things, which will not only ensure you complete your education, but also ensure, you will have no further issues later on getting a PGWP or PR when you start your career if you want to stay in Canada after completing your studies.

  • Never work more than 20 hours a week, while on Study Permit during studies or when classes are on. Yes, you heard it right, it may sound enticing to work more than 20 hours a week when you need money to pay education expenses. But once you do work more than 20 hours a week, this will render your study permit invalid, which means you will lose your authorization to study and may be issued a removal order to leave Canada.  It is of no material value, if working more than 20 hours a week is discovered during your studies or when you apply for PR, once discovered, you will be issued a removal order. Is it really worth the risk?
  • Always Complete your studies on time and schedule. You came to Canada to study, you promised albeit unofficially you will complete your studies and go back to your home country or even stay if you get a PGWP, eventually get PR and get Citizenship. But the starting point of all this strategy is everything is possible subject to you complete your studies on time and schedule and without violating the terms of your study permit. You are not really supposed to take extra breaks other than the normal holidays as per the schedule and roster of your college or university.
  • Check if your passport is expiring within the next 12 months. It is a good idea to check if your passport is expiring within the next 12 months, if so, get it renewed as soon as possible. Usually, study permits are issued until the passport expiry or for the duration of the course plus an additional 90 days. If your study permit expires before the course you will have to renew your passport and get your study permit extended, for the full duration of the course. Again, you have to be in full compliance with your studies for the study permit to be extended. Any permits like PGWP or Work Permits are issued only until the duration of the passport expiry, so the expiry of the passport will have an impact on the validity of the documents.
  • Never Work once you have completed your studies and waiting for your transcripts or final results. Now you are done with that task of completing the very first milestone, of completing your studies in Canada. Please keep in mind you were given a permit to Study and now you have completed it. You are not allowed to even work 20 hours a week, as you were allowed during your studies. Yes, you read it right, you cannot work anymore until you have a valid work permit. If you are eligible you can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) or a closed Work Permit, but before you have an approved authorization to work from IRCC never works, no matter what the urgency is. If you are found working unauthorized you will risk your PGWP and eventually your PR in the future and may be issued a removal order.
  • Stay away from any criminal offences. Always stay clear of any criminal activity when in Canada, whether on a Study Permit or PR or even a Citizen. Criminal inadmissibility can have a lasting impact on one’s status in Canada, whether current, past or future. It is very important to stay on the right side of the law always.
  • When in doubt seek advice before acting. If you have any doubts regards your status in Canada working conditions or anything which you cannot wrap your head around. Please seek professional advice. Before starting work, or doing any such activity it is a good idea to seek guidance from a professional who is well aware of the rules. This may cost you a few hundred dollars at maximum, but this could save you from a lot of trouble afterwards.

As you see you just need to be vigilant enough while you are studying in Canada, follow certain rules and tips. This will make your study period in Canada even more delightful. You will have the opportunity to stay in Canada through getting PGWP or Work Permit and eventually PR and settling in Canada making it your new home.

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